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A "Total Station" is a surveying instrument which combines an electronic distance meter (EDM) with the angular measurements (horizontal and vertical) required to locate a point. Snedaker Land Surveying uses today's advanced robotic, servo-driven, reflectorless total stations.

All measurements are recorded automatically in a TDS electronic data collector using Survey Pro software to collect an unprecedented amount of data in the field for analysis and importing into AutoCAD software for processing and plotting and eliminating transcription errors.

In the conventional operating mode data acquisition is enhanced by the servo driven auto-tracking feature in which the instrument automatically tracks the rod-man from point to point through the use of an active transmitter on the rod.

In the robotic operating mode data acquisition is enhanced by combining the servo driven auto-tracking feature with GEOLOCK, a feature that utilizes the GPS position of the rod, to automatically track the rod from point to point.

GPS is an effective tool for control networks, remote elevation benchmarks, utility company installations, and exact geographic positioning of structures.

Our survey-grade systems are perfect for the level of accuracy required for geodetic control where precision is of the utmost importance, and can make short work of mapping utility locations or other surveys.

Snedaker Land Surveying is proud to have and use Trimble Global Positioning Systems. This cutting edge equipment is used for long range distance measurement of boundary and aerial control monuments.

Another significant and versatile mapping tool used by Snedaker Land Surveying is aerial photographic mapping and full color digital orthophotographic image production.

Snedaker Land Surveying begins by consulting with the aerial flight service company that owns and operates the specially modified FAA certified airplanes and contain the precision mapping cameras. Then, in conjunction with consultant photogrammetric firms, Snedaker Land Surveying plans and orders the aerial flight, sets the aerial control targets, provides the survey measurements to control the mapping and coordinates the compilation of the mapping and digital orthophoto products. Snedaker Land Surveying then combines this data with boundary and easement information and other data collected to produce the final map.

The Aerial survey method is typically used when the level of detail is high, the site is large or inaccessible and the subject property is relatively clear of dense foliage. In these instances, the level of detail obtained and cost savings can be significant (as compared to conventional surveying methods).

All survey measurements are compiled into the final map by computer aided drafting (CAD) techniques.

Snedaker Land Surveying uses the industry standard AutoCAD software. Results are plotted in either black and white or color, at a suitable scale, on high-speed large format plotters.

Online document transfer and viewing allows for easy collaboration across all disciplines. An attorney, or other professional, can now instantly review a document that was created 5 minutes earlier in our office. There are very few computer skills required. Use it when over-night is just not fast enough. This is accomplished both through email and Adobe Acrobat. We can email an Acrobat .PDF file for instant printing to virtually any printer in the country.


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