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In order for a Developer to subdivide parcels of land for development or redevelopment it is necessary to obtain local agency approval for a subdivision map.

The Subdivision Map Act of the State of California and many local agencies require that these maps must be prepared in accordance with complex and stringent requirements prior to approval.

Timely and successful completion of this process requires a detailed understanding of the subdivision map act, familiarity with various government agencies, and the ability to work with  a wide variety of parties and government agencies that have an interest in the project.

The services provided by Snedaker Land Surveying for residential, commercial and mixed use developments include:


Street Vacations
Lot Line adjustments
condominium Maps
Parcel Maps
Tract maps
3-Dimensional airspace subdivisions

Snedaker Land Surveying's experience in surveying and mapping make it particularly well-suited to help guide the subdivision projects through the laborious approval projects. 




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